About Us

Water is life!

Silvertex aqua GmbH is active in the field of water conservation. With our products we protect water from microbiological contamination and water-bearing equipment from contamination by biofilms and damage by biofouling.

Low-germ water and water hygiene

silvertex aqua GmbH develops, produces and distributes innovative solutions against bacterial contamination based on the silvertex® solution developed in Germany and internationally patented. The multiplication of waterborne germs such as E Coli, Pseudomonas, Enterococci and Legionella in stagnant or stored water renders the precious commodity unusable. It is these germs that cause diseases. Contaminated water is a source of danger for the health of humans and animals.

Protection of natural resources and the environment

Water is treated at great expense to produce drinking, process or industrial water. Water often has to be stored and transported. Meanwhile, bacteria, fungi and biofilms have the best conditions to multiply and contaminate the water. For this reason, chemical or thermal disinfection must be carried out at the place of consumption. It is our claim not to let it come to that. With the intelligent textile silvertex® system, we offer a simple yet ingenious solution for long-term water conservation based on silver ions, patented worldwide and scalable for an unbelievable number of applications.

The technical solution

silvertex® uses the antimicrobial (bacteriostatic and bactericidal) effect of silver ions (AG+). As early as 5,000 years ago, silver, a naturally occurring precious metal, was used by people in Mesopotamia for disinfection during surgical procedures. The ancient Romans in 300 BC used silver vessels to be able to store their food for longer periods of time. Even today, silver is used in clothing or household appliances as a germ protection. These small-scale applications are based on the principle of the release of silver ions from the silver surface on contact with liquid. silvertex® has innovatively developed this application further. We are now able to provide permanent protection against germs and biofilms for water volumes ranging from a few liters to many thousands of cubic meters. All that is required is a very low silver concentration of 5 to 20 which is emitted from a large silver surface in our spacer fabric. All this happens self-dosing without any further action. Thanks to the flexible material structure, silvertex® can be installed almost anywhere. The service life of our silvertex® system is up to 2 years, depending on the application.

Our contribution to solving global problems

Is this claim too high for a single company? We do not want to believe that. On July 28, 2010, the United Nations decided that everyone has a right to clean water and sanitation. In 2018, there were still 844 million people who had no access to clean water at all. According to the United Nations definition, "access to clean water" means that there must be sufficient clean water for personal hygiene and food preparation of acceptable quality in accessible sources within a radius of 1,000 meters or less than 30 minutes walking distance. This requires water Subscribe to DeepL Pro to edit this document. Visit www.DeepL.com/Pro for more information. storage and water transport, often in underdeveloped regions. This is where silvertex® can put its strengths to excellent use: light, durable, very easy to install, self-dosing, no equipment or electricity required. We are convinced that the silvertex® Good Water hygiene net will solve many problems in the supply of clean water worldwide.

Share innovation - Our international cooperations

Silvertex® can be used for an extremely wide range of applications. As varied as the requirements in the different regions of the world are, we are interested in cooperation with partners all over the world.

Together with our partners, we develop new products in the diverse field of water hygiene and open up new areas of application. Our team contributes its know-how in the biochemical, microbiological and textile fields. We cooperate with scientific institutions and are involved in various research and development projects.

Company History


Silvertex was patented.


Development of the Silvertex® system with universities in Germany.


Foundation of silvertex aqua GmbH.


Design and development of a Silvertex fabric specialized for usage in drinking water tanks in camper and caravans.


Creation of the universal and customizable Silvertex fabric "HD57" for industrial applications and cooling towers.


Product launch of Silvertex Fresh Air for air humidifiers and air washers.


Establishment of the joint venture "Silvertex Plus" for the asian market with our partner KhaiEL.


Foundation of the GooWaCo UG and the GooWaCo shop.


Launch of the new Good Water product family.