Camping, Caravans and Yachts

Whether on the road, in the mountains or on the water – hygiene in mobile water tanks and the piping systems on board is essential. Otherwise, germs and biofilms can spread very easily. With silvertex® Good Water, which has been tried and tested thousands of times, bacteria, fungi and biofilms are permanently prevented from growing. The self-dosing silvertex® Good Water made of flexible material fits into any tank and and works safely, an entire outdoor – season long.


Humidifiers and air washers create a comfortable and clean indoor climate. However, instead of improving the indoor climate, air treatment devices can also have harmful effects on health. The aerosols released into the air by the device may contain germs that can lead to complaints such as diarrhea or pneumonia. People suffering from asthma and allergies may also be affected. Therefore, sufficient hygiene should always be ensured in the air treatment unit. With silvertex® in the tank of air treatment equipment such as air washers, humidifiers and diffusers used in homes, nursing homes, public facilities and hospitals, these risks can be greatly reduced.

Animal breeding

Whether in pet drinking fountains such as cat drinking fountains or in agricultural animal breeding, animals depend on clean water just as much as we humans do. Animals in breeding and factory farming even consume extremely large amounts of water. Drinking water is often stored in large-volume containers and reservoirs for long periods of time until it is consumed and eventually refilled. During this time, germs can spread that can affect the health of the animals. The humid environment in the tank is an optimal breeding ground for pathogens. With silvertex® in the fresh water tank, these risks can be reduced.

Cooling towers

Leakage, evaporation, intermittent circulation, and excessive water retention in cooling towers and tanks thickens and concentrates the cooling water. These humid and warm atmospheres are optimal soil for bacteria (e.g., Legionella) to multiply and form biofilms. These biofilms cause blockages and biofouling in the water-bearing system of the cooling tower. The bacteria form a protective coat of polymeric substances such as slime, which blocks the action of biocides so that they cannot penetrate this robust layer and become ineffective.The silvertex system, thanks to its flexibility, fits into almost any cooling water circuit and can be used depending on the nature of the cooling water.

Emergency water supply

Many people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water. To keep mobile or stationary emergency water tanks clean, they would have to be disinfected regularly. The self-dosing and cost effective silvertex® system provides active preservation of the water in the tank and protection against biofilm formation by silver ions. In case of emergencies where no energy supply is available, Silvertex® also saves the day because it requires no energy.