So that your water stays clean!

With the Good Water products you treat water and water-bearing systems reliably and without problems.

The core of our concept is the silvertex® net for effective water conservation based on silver ions, which has been tried and tested on the market for years. The patented silvertex® system was developed in cooperation with German universities and scientific institutes and is produced in Germany.

silvertex®prevents the growth of germs in stored drinking water and the formation of undesirable biofilms. This not only reduces the risk of microbial contamination, you also benefit from significantly lower cleaning and maintenance requirements.

silvertex® combines the antibacterial properties of metallic silver in water with the voluminous and flexible structure of a 3D textile. This patented design creates a unique silver surface structure in the textile material that is able to effectively inhibit the growth of germs in a self-dosing and self-regulating manner, while being very light and highly flexible. As a result, the product fits through even the most diverse system openings and still allows a large effective surface and unimpeded water flow. The application possibilities are almost unlimited!

There are currently 3 standard products available for different areas of application:

Good Water 1250

Our silvertex Good Water Hygienic Net 1250 is the right choice for those who have water reservoirs of up to 5,000 liters or very high water turnover rates. With a total conservation capacity of 70,000 liters of drinking water, even demanding industrial applications such as process water and cooling systems can be served.

silvertex® Good Water Industry

For special applications in the industrial sector, we offer a product tailored to your individual needs in the form of our Good Water Industry sheeting. Here, the focus is on preventing the transfer of germ-contaminated aerosols into the environment and protecting equipment from biofilm formation, biofouling and corrosion. In addition, the handling of silvertex® is very simple and requires neither expert personnel nor special equipment. Equipped with an adapted silver content, Good Water Industry is particularly interesting for the conservation of large water volumes of up to 600 m³.

Examples of applications are:

Adapted to the requirements of your area of application, the required material quantities are determined by our experienced team and cleanly cut out of the textile webs using modern fabrication methods such as laser cutting and ultrasonic welding. We will be happy to advise you on application and installation options.

Silvertex Good Water for private use

At a glance

With our silvertex® Good Water, we offer a perfectly matched solution for household, garden and leisure. The use for different tank sizes up to 240l is easily marked with XS, S, M and L. Proven in use in motor homes, caravans, expedition vehicles and boats, you can equip a wide variety of water tanks. Here are just a few of the possible applications:

Due to the self-regulating effect, you no longer have to worry about dosages and you only need to replace your silvertex® Good Water once a year, depending on the application. If you want to create a water supply without consumption, you can even use silvertex® Good Water for up to 24 months.

Whether you have a small or large tank, simply place silvertex® Good Water in your tank and experience how simple protection against germs in the water can be.

Goowaco combi advantage pack

In the versions S for 50 l and M for 120 l filling volume.

Silvertex® should always be used for the preservation of clean water and in clean facilities. Our goowaco Combi Advantage Pack therefore offers you the perfect combination of tank disinfection and drinking water preservation.

Use the easy-to-use chlorine dioxide ready-to-use solution to clean your tank before the season starts and silvertex® Good Water afterwards for permanent preservation. In addition, the chlorine dioxide solution can also be used simply to disinfect the drinking water.

This means you do not have to compromise on water quality and are reliably protected.

The goowaco combi advantage pack consists of a pH-neutral, chlorine-free and ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution with a concentration of 2900 ppm.

silvertex® Fresh Air

At a glance
Water-carrying air treatment devices, such as humidifiers and washers, are used to improve air quality. If these devices are not cleaned regularly or if the water remains unused in the system, this creates ideal conditions for germs to multiply. This contaminates the device through biofilm formation or enter the room through aerosols. To avoid this hazard, special attention should be paid to hygiene.

The silvertex® Fresh Air was developed to meet the hygiene requirements in these units.

Due to the antimicrobial effectiveness of silver ions, the silvertex® system allows the water inside your device to be preserved for up to 6 months. You can use silvertex® Fresh Air in most humidifiers and air washers.
It’s as simple as it is ingenious – fill the device with water, put silvertex® in, and you’re done!

Biocide Notice


Very toxic to aquatic organisms with long lasting effects.

Use biocides safely.

Always read the label and product information before use.