silvertex® Fresh Air

silvertex ® Fresh Air

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Water-carrying air treatment devices, such as humidifiers and washers, are used to improve air quality. If these devices are not cleaned regularly or if the water remains unused in the system, this creates ideal conditions for germs to multiply. This contaminates the device through biofilm formation or enter the room through aerosols. To avoid this hazard, special attention should be paid to hygiene.

The silvertex® Fresh Air was developed to meet the hygiene requirements in these units.

Due to the antimicrobial effectiveness of silver ions, the silvertex® system allows the water inside your device to be preserved for up to 6 months. You can use silvertex® Fresh Air in most humidifiers and air washers.
It’s as simple as it is ingenious – fill the device with water, put silvertex® in, and you’re done!

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