Water treatment

We have found an alternative method for treating the waters that can keep the microbial load in the wet separators consistently low.

Head of Competence Center Industrial Water Treatment

Institute for development of microelectronics

After the first sampling, we initially had CFU differences between the cooling towers. This was balanced out with the next sampling. So the silver mats are having an effect!

Head of Operations Facility Management

Construction Company

The Silvertex mat we installed in the rainwater cistern at the time seems to have helped. In combination with hygienic cleaning of the humidifiers and constant monitoring by our heating and plumbing master, we currently have very good water values.

Head of Operations Facility Management

Industrial component manufacturer

” The results exceeded my expectations. We never thought silvertex® could work without other biocides in this water composition. Can only recommend the mat.

Environmental Engineer, Trainee Safety Engineer​