Almacenamiento de agua potable en un hospital de Polonia

Drinking water storage in a hospital in Poland

As in many public institutions, the problem of Legionella control in drinking water should not be underestimated. The hospital tried to reduce the number of Legionella in addition to a standardized thermal disinfection by adding chlorine dioxide and a UV lamp. Especially the «newborn area» caused enormous problems because the water pipes were poorly insulated, the circulation was very poor and there were unknown blind pipes. The number of Legionella bacteria prior to the installation of silvertex® exceeded the prescribed limit values (> 10,000 KbE/ml) even the existing preventive methods only brought short-term success. Shortly after disinfection, the legionella grew again in the pipes and contaminated the entire drinking water network.

The entire system was critically examined before silvertex® was installed. After installing the silvertex® material (4.5m²) in an intermediate storage tank (0.5m³) and taking over the «construction site», it was found that there were no sampling taps and that the cold water pipes were not insulated. The installation of silvertex®, the elimination of the listed defects and the optimization of the circulation (adaptation of the quantity to the standards) have drastically reduced the legionella figures. As a precautionary measure, the hospital decided to operate the chlorine dioxide dosage in addition to silvertex® during the construction work (insulation of the pipes and installation of the sampling points). When the work was completed, the system was switched off, leaving only silvertex® in operation. The legionella values have dropped to below 10 KbE/ml (as of 04.18).

Installation of silvertex® in a drinking water buffer

In order to integrate silvertex® into the system, a specially designed buffer was developed. The material is installed in the tank in a fan-shaped form on stainless steel rods. The tank was directly connected to the hospital water circulation system. The circulating water is continuously loaded with silver ions as it flows through the mat, so that these can be distributed throughout the system.

The material remains in the buffer for one year. All materials used in the tank are made of V2A steel and have a certificate of suitability for drinking water.

There are different possibilities to integrate the material in the container. It is important that the water flows well through the knitted fabric and that the starting water arrives in good quality.