Camping and Caravan

On the road or in the woods or among the mountains, hygiene inside sanitary facilities and water tanks is inevitable. While chemicals are most known in water treatment, yet extremely harmful to service personals and workers at high amounts and concentrations, also the evolved fumes outcoming the chemical reaction can enter the body by inhaling, ingesting or even when it touches the skin and cause severe damage to the central nervous system, heart, liver and kidneys. Silvertex® has been a test winner in the field of various water disinfection methods in mobile tanks by the leading Fresenius international consumer institute.


Portable devices for the treatment of air are supposed to create a pleasant and clean indoor climate. But instead of improving, a lot of air treatment devices can also be a health hazard. Germ dust released into the air by the device can cause discomforts such as diarrhea or pneumonia. They can be also extremely dangerous for risk groups who suffer asthma and allergies, it can even enhance flue and lung infection. With silvertex® in air treatment devices like Airwashers, Humidifiers and Diffusers used in apartments, retirement homes, public facilities and hospitals.

Livestock Farming

Animals in breeding and factory farming consume large amounts of water. Drinking water is often stored for a prolonged period in large-volume containers and reservoirs until it is used and eventually refilled. In this period, germs develop, which can damage the health of the animals. It is very normal for some owners to add house bleach to the water for disinfection which might cause some bad effects and extra costs on kettles wellbeing. Especially in the summer months, the humid environment of the tank is an optimal breeding ground for pathogens, which can be avoided by Silvertex for factory farming.

Cooling Towers

Leakage, evaporation, discontinuous circulation as well as overly timed sitting water inside cooling towers and tanks thicken and concentrate cooling water. These moist and warm atmospheres are an optimal soil for bacteria (e.g. Legionella) to multiply forming biofilms. These biofilms cause blockages and biofouling in the water bearing system of the cooling tower. Bacteria form a protective coat of Polymeric substances like Slime which blocks the effect of Biocide to penetrate such a robust layer of coat and becomes ineffective.

Silvertex® is optimum inside the water-bearing systems of a cooling tower.

Emergency water supply

Many people around the world do not have a clean access to drinking water. In order to keep the mobile or stationary emergency water supply tanks germ-free, it must be disinfected by a high energy and chemical expense. This process is not only time-consuming and expensive, it also consumes resources that are needed elsewhere. Even the post treatment precautions need at least 2 days depending on some factors such as water temperature, chlorine volatility and concentration, and for emergency situations time is crucially important. The self-dosing system by Silvertex provides an active preservation of the water inside of the tank and protection against biofilm formation through silver-ions.