Municipalité d'Erba, Région de Côme, Italie

Municipality of Erba, Como Region, Italy

Raw water collected from alpine springs in free inflow is piped to an intermediate reservoir (700 m³) located at high altitude and from there gravitationally fed into the local drinking water supply network. The microbial composition of the raw water (E. coli, coliforms, enterococcus, clostridia, etc.) requires mandatory disinfection monitored by the competent authority. Until the installation of the Silvertex® system (03.11.10) chlorine dioxide was used for disinfection.

With the installation of 25 m² of Silvertex® material the chlorine dioxide dosage was stopped. Since then, a total of approx. 20,000 m³ of drinking water with an average content of <10 μg Ag/L in officially controlled microbial quality (findings predominantly <1 CFU/100 ml) have been provided in maintenance-free operation.